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Russian outlook express email

Russian outlook express email

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Related article: Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 10:14:09 EST From: Subject: Club House Games part 14The following story is a Homosexual fantasy. If it is illegal for you to read such material please leave now. Don called Bill and they all best russian sex movies went into russian sex lola the Club House. They decided Bill would stay with the other two, Red knew him by sight, and that he was in the gang along with russian imperial crown jewels John and Tom, and he was needed for a plan they developed. Don left for the secret room to set up his equipment. It was another hot day so they stripped to shorts and socks, but Tom left his T-shirt on. Bill found a pair of tight white nylon shorts in a props box they had, they left NOTHING to the imagination, his prick was fully outlined, Tom found a pair of really old cotton shorts, normal fit, and Paul was given a really baggy, short pair of red cotton shorts. When he sat down, put his hands behind himself and raised and parted his knees, everything could be seen up the legs. He was sat like this on a mattress facing the door, the thought of what was going to happen, was causing his cock to stiffen. Bill and Tom were either side of him, they were pretending to play strip poker. Bill's legs stretched out so that his bulge was on show. Tom said "If we russian nude personals remove our socks well cut to the chase much quicker!" so they did. The door opened and John came in, he was in baggies and T-shirt. "Come in Red, I'll get us a cold beer." He did a double take when he saw Bill, but took it in his stride. "Oh good, the naked girl in russian gangs here, I'll introduce you. What you playing guys?" "Strip poker." Answered Bill. Red came into russian lesbo the room, John closing and locking the door behind him. He too was in baggies and a loose singlet. He was marble white, and looked younger than Paul. Although only Known russian gay scammers 5ft 8 and thin you could see muscle definition on his arms. John handed free russian movies him a beer, passing the others one too. "This is Red guys. Red, Tom you know, Bill you've seen around and the youngest guy is Paul, he passed his initiation yesterday and is now a fully fledged Club member." They all said "Hi." nude on russian beach Red felt a little embarrassed, he'd fancied John for ages, but hadn't had an opportunity to make a move or sound John out. He thought he'd have him alone today, instead these other three were here. "But I really want to join russian nurses fucking the gang too," he thought, "so I'd better make the most of it and make a good impression." He took a good look at them and blushed, he was girls russian xxx spoilt for choice, he didn't know whether to look up Paul's shorts' leg at his three-quarter's hard cock or at Bill's stiffening member. When he was 16 he'd had a year long relationship with his best mate, but then his mate had discovered girls. Since then he'd never managed to get off with any one else. Everyone noticed a little jump in his shorts. "Oh great!" he thought "I'm desperate to join this gang, and I'm getting a hard on, what sort of impression's that going to make? But that kid's dick is so hard and Bill must be half hard to two boys russian adoption cause a bulge like that!" "Right," Bill said, adjusting his cock, "my deal." adult russian web sites As he dealt Paul could hardly concentrate, Red was openly staring up his shorts' leg at his cock, which had caused it to stiffen to it's full 6 inches, and a growing bulge was appearing in Red's baggies. "You're cheating Tom." Said Bill "you've got cards hidden by your side, you know the punishment for cheating." "No way," shouted Tom, "I've no idea how they got there. You're not punishing me!" John intervened, "As a founder Club member you know the rules, obey pre russian boys nude them or get out." Tom rose abjectly, pulling off his T-shirt, [all part of their plan] then he walked over to the adjustable gym horse strategically placed in front of the two-way mirror. Bill and Paul followed him. "Come on Red, I think you'll enjoy this" John said following them, and stripping off his T-shirt, "take your shirt off too, it's warm and it could get hotter." Red stripped his singlet off revealing a thin white torso with finely highlighted muscles. Tom bent over the horse, whose height was set to his waist level, Bill fastened his legs to the horse's with attached straps, Paul did the same with his arms. They stood next to John and Red when Tom was secured. "Right Paul, you're the new boy, you know what to do, off you go." Red couldn't believe his eyes or ears, he could only hope they were all into man to man sex like he was. "And what's the initiation the kid Paul has passed" he wondered "I hope free russian incest porn I find out today!" His cock was stiffening rapidly, there was no way he could hide it, but no one seemed to mind. He watched as Paul went up to Tom, grasped the waistband of the flimsy shorts and tore them apart, exposing Tom's arse to the world. Red gasped and couldn't naked russian ladies believe it when Paul reached under Tom and pulled his thickening prick and balls down, trapping them against the end of the horse. He stood sideways and started spanking the firm buttocks, Tom just moaned, his prick hardening. "Oh fuck!" thought Paul, "this is sexy." After twenty strokes Tom's ass cheeks were red and his thick prick was rock hard and straining against the horse, a pearl of precum on it's tip. Paul couldn't stand it any more, he whipped off his shorts, knelt by Tom, ducked under and started tonguing the knob as he fondled Tom's hairy balls. John and russian lesbo Bill looked at each other, nodded, and stripped off. Red just stood there. He was embarrassed, he didn't know what to do. Him and his mate had kissed, but they'd never got past mutual masturbation and here was Paul licking Tom's big fat prick! Now Paul had taken the whole knob in his adult russian web sites mouth! He was mesmerised. Bill and John were untying Tom, John looked up girls russian xxx at Red. "Well, what are you going to do? If you don't like what you see bugger off. If you want to join the Club you'd better strip off now!" Red snapped out of his reverie, turning his back he removed his shorts and pumps, his firm, hairless, lily-white bum pointing straight at the mirror, just exposing his red pucker. Don's prick stiffened to it's full 11 inches, russian xxx free preview this was another white boys arse he'd just GOT to russians thumbs have he thought as he snapped away. Red straightened and turned, all eyes were on him. His cheeks bright red, russian nude personals he held his hands over his groin. "Well!" John growled. Red removed his hands, an 8 inch long thin, white shafted prick stood hard at 45 degrees to his body, his large balls hung down in a loose hairless sac. Paul giggled to himself, the knob was much thicker than the shaft and was bright red, it was nearly 2 inches long. "It looks just like an ice-lolly" he thought "Jesus, what would that feel like going in and out of my bum!" He scooted over on his knees and took the whole knob into his mouth "Ooohhh CHRIST!" Red groaned grasping Paul's head to steady himself as his adult russian web sites knees buckled. Paul's tongue was all over his knob, then he russian nude girl photos started sucking. Red was lost, illegal nude russian he began to buck his hips, he could feel his balls tightening, his breath coming in short gasps. In less than 30 seconds he began to cum, his hot spunk blasting the back of Paul's mouth so forcefully Paul nearly had to pull off. Years of frustration melted away as Paul valiantly took all his cum. When Red finished Paul stood, he'd kept a mouthful of spunk back, and pulled Red's face to his own, they kissed and he passed Red illegal russian boys the last of his spunk. Red's eyes widened, "what the Hell!" he thought "I suppose I'd better get used to it." and he swallowed. It tasted great. "Well Red, looks like you want to join the Club. I'd better tell you the conditions of entry." John said. The others looked at him, they hadn't got any set conditions, russian movis but they russian amateur blowjob trusted John. "To become a secondary member you have to suck off and swallow all the cum from a member of your choice, and then be fucked by a different member, until he cums. You can do them separately or together, your choice. To become a full member, as we all are, you have to be fucked by Don, Bill's uncle." They all thought the conditions were great, what sex they'd get to see when any new guys asked to join! Don in particular was grinning to himself as he idly tossed his huge prick. Red was thinking furiously there was no question, he wanted in, he was a virgin, but he guessed the smaller the prick the less pain for his first fuck, so russian psy trance that would be Paul. But who to suck?End of Part 14. Any comments/suggestions to
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